Get Cash For Your Kia Junk Car

Kia Motors, while somewhat new to the United States auto industry, is South Korea’s oldest car company. It was founded in 1944 as a bicycle parts company with a specialty in steel parts. They have since advanced across oceans and industries as they have become a global player in the auto industry. In 1992, Kia brought its cars across the Pacific and imported cars to the United States.Kia Junk Car

While they never were the best selling cars on the road, they always maintained modest sales and became notable for their introduction of the 10 year warranty. Many of the older models, specifically the Rio, the Optima, and the discontinued Spectra have been sold in this country for decades. Over time many of these cars have fallen into disrepair while others have made the best of their time and are still kicking.

The excellent warranty that Kia offers has expired for thousands of Kia drivers and many are in desperate need of repairs. is offering a new Kia incentive to sell. We are offering special cash offers for all Kia vehicles.

We have a quick, hassle free and simple process that takes about five minutes of your time. We would come to you at your time and location of choice and pick up your Kia for free. We have free towing and will hand you over the cash for your Kia on the spot. We have special Kia buying specialists who will make you a guaranteed cash offer. Give us a call at 877-529-677 or visit our homepage for more information.

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